Success: what does it mean to be a success…?

Amy's 073What is success?

Some view  fulfillment and a balanced life as real success.

Some, call it conquering the real world, through monetary rewards.
Whatever you determine the definition of success, know that real success is an inside job.


5 Responses to “Success: what does it mean to be a success…?”

  1. Vicki Carrell Says:

    What does success mean? good friendships, family, enjoying the simple things in life, health, being the best person you can be to yourself and others, while we are living here on earth. Living for money can’t buy you love or happiness.

  2. Peter sammarco Says:

    Well Said….Love your input! But Getting to Know yourSelf is important: the REAL “soul Self” vs only what is in the Mind. It is a balance of all: Body Mind and Soul. Thank you VICKI! lots of Love your way.

  3. Emily Goodman Says:

    Hi Peter,
    Success is when I stay in my own business. I don’t try to make it my job to fix people. I stay in my own business without telling people what they need or should do. I strive to be present for myself and whoever is in front of me, with love and support. When I do that the result is… peace in my world and in everyone I meet. When I don’t argue with reality, I’m successful. When I don’t try to go beyond my own evolution, I am successful. When I don’t need to know all the answers and be right, I am a success. When I can live in the “don’t know” mind and be open to the unknown, I am a success. When I live in humility rather than arrogance, I am a success. When I make amends I am a success. Thank you for the opportunity to check in and find what is true for me 🙂

  4. Emily Goodman Says:

    Byron Katie once said, “I am a success just by breathing. And when I cease to keep breathing, I will be a success.” I love this! It allows ALL to be success. Even when I believe I’m failing by ceasing to breath/live… it is perfect and ego-less when I don’t argue with it. Noticing what beliefs cause me stress is success. Then I’m almost free! When I can find the lie… the thing that’s causing the stress, I discover the truth that sets me free. Katie says, anytime you feel stress, you are believing a lie. That is my cue to look inside and find it, and that is my key to peace and freedom… and loving what is. Boom! Success!

  5. Peter Sammarco Says:

    You got it! Emily what a voice. You got it & and you get it. Changing ourselves we change our world. We always do a world a great service when we seek to leave it alone & instead just work on changing ourselves everyday.

    All love your way Emily!

    Love Always,


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