See the Truth in the Tree vs. the branch

Sometime in life we mistaken many different situations as real and then later realize that we had only scratched the surface of a “Truth” about all levels of living and who we are…. From the body, mind, spirit connection to the understanding of the center of our existence: Our Well Being comes from our willingness to see beyond the shadows and look at “Creating Deep meaning” and “substance in our lives.”



3 Responses to “See the Truth in the Tree vs. the branch”

  1. Nikki Says:

    I do agree with you 100%. Mediation HELPS ME a GREAT deal. I really don’t pray but, I talk to GOD through mediation. It calms my mind, body and spirit and gives me a meaningful life and peace. I’m always seeking TRUTH but, it starts with me and from within. If we don’t seek truth from within, how can one’s life be enriched and meaningful?

  2. PETER Sammarco Says:

    Hi Nikki,

    Thank you~
    Love and Respect and Living With Integrity will always….help you…and PEACE comes in Living by ones Principles Nikki…

    Aloha PETER

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