The Truth about ourselves is Clear.

Once we look within ourSelves we begin to realize that we all have on this planet here to learn the same lessons as everybody else.

Sadly, when we look at what is happening inside, many forget that we have the right to make choices and those choice Create our Destiny.

We either Learn from our lesson with love and joy or we can learn them painfully.

Either way: when others judge us or are critical of who we are, we know we must dig DEEPER.

First learn to listen without commenting and have little or no reaction to who, what we are hearing.

What is important is we Know who we are. But most of all when others do not know us or do not trust us, it is equally important to remember that Trust is EARNED; and we also know that those who are giving advice, must earn the trust of others before speaking, or else as one good friend said: “it will be seen as if you are judging them or being critical”

Important lesson here:

1 Have compassion for others even if you do not understand at least have empathy.

2 Forgive forgive forgive.

3 Know that when one is not sure what to do about something, teach them to look deeper at what they are wanting and be willing to realize that we are Getting, in living, depends deeply in what already is programmed inside of us.  If we are aware of our Greatness we will see and be around those with those same qualities.


3 Responses to “The Truth about ourselves is Clear.”

  1. Carmen Says:

    I strongly diagree that trust is not earned.

  2. Nikki Says:

    I am beginning to learn more about myself and dig deeper of what is CLEAR to me. Every day is a learning lesson about me and whomever I interact with whether it is a dear friend or a family member. I AM LISTENING MORE THAN I AM HEARING. Thank you, Peter for the lessons that you have brought fourth in me.

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