Politics and Dating have a few good things in common. (no pun intended)

1. Lie a lot
2. Know how to play the game.
3 And Don’t take it too seriously.

PS: Oh and  once a Cheater always a cheater: Beware.


5 Responses to “Politics and Dating have a few good things in common. (no pun intended)”

  1. Carmen Says:

    strongly disagree in many aspects! Some of us are very aware of who we are and don’t wanna play the game. Once a cheater can always change if acknowledging the problem and why!!! You cannot change what you do not acknowledge!

    • petersammarco Says:

      WELL Said: this So good! You are Right. Seeking the answers from others we know that…we all can CHANGE EVERY SINGLE one Of us; but as you can see I am Comparing Dating to Gaining power over the masses. I know we all can change. And also i know that those who accuse others of negative attributes are only hiding behind a facade. ONCE WE FACE or Acknowledge who we are and what we Do, THEN we MAKE the changes….Looking in the Mirror and seeing ourselves is always the BEST way!

  2. Michele Says:


    I believe that every individual can change if they are willing to look within and allow spirutual guidance to enter their life and god’s spirit .

    as to the comment once a cheater always a cheater- I believe if they are willing to acknowlegde their mistake and figure out why they cheated in the first place , reveal it, resolve that , forgiveness should be allowed. Without forgiveness, love has no meaning.

    For when a relationship is special and sacred, we must hold their darkness and well as their light.


    • petersammarco Says:

      Lovely Michele:

      No, we Cannot hold their Darkness, but be willing to help those seeking the good to see the good in themselves…as we may AT TIMES stray away from Gods Will we will make mistakes that take us away from being God like. BUT WE make changes in ourselves by allowing others to be themselves. We put the energy on changing ourselves vs trying to manipulate or entice somebody else, to believe in something that we really are not.

  3. Janice Says:

    Are you serious??? No wonder our world is in the state it is. Let’s all lie and see life as a game to be played.

    Honesty and a deep commitment to one another – things that should be taken seriously.

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