What is TRUE…?

Bentley_Arnage_64-1280Can Truth Be revealed through other forms other than Love?
Can we be True to ourSelves when we gently allow ourselves the unique caring inner Focus that we hear when we Listen with Care and gentleness to ourselves? We need to First take care of ourSelves…..
We know that the Laws of the world must be in unison with the universal Laws of our god …. in whatever form it comes to us.

Truth is universal and all Being.


World life that is only to focus on personal Prosperity of material form.

But where does all this material form come from?

The Truth we Know is that it is all GIVENDsc_0008 - 4x6 to us from GOD….All successes of all KINDS firmly firmly ¬†Comes from GOD within us all.


One Response to “What is TRUE…?”

  1. Carmen Says:

    We are all just spiritual beings having a human experience and matterial stuff is just the fluff you can get wrapped up in. (shopaholics and such do it all the time!) The devils temptation.

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