Caring about others.

As stated earlier:

When we know what we want, that is good, but when we want something from someone, we are not coming from the right state of mind.

We are here in this world to serve one another in all ways possible.

We make others happy, when we think about their needs and putting our time and energy in caring about others; then others will care too.

Figuring out other peoples intentions is also important.  We may have good intentions but if they do not care about us or to help others then one is only wasting time and energy.


2 Responses to “Caring about others.”

  1. Carmen Says:

    NEED and WANT are two seperate things.

  2. Vicki Carrell Says:

    When I was Nursing at a Veterans Hospital it made me a better as a person..human being to care, and help others. That is so true, if you want something from someone that is the wrong state of mind, to give and feel good is the most important and wonderful feeling.

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