Love Heals as Does Forgiveness

We can sit around a brood over what seems to bother us; or we can forgive, move on & live our lives….To Forgive another is to Forgive Humanity within ourSelves.

When we love and just believe in our purpose in life, which one, is to forgive and be able to move forward, we begin to really understand how Forgiveness helps us to Transcend Karma instantly.

All things are possible when we love one another….even in our differences we see what living with others is all about. Acceptance and living with the differences with love and inner knowing that all flowers are not the same….that is GOOD!  Well, neither are you and I!

Some may find our purpose to be greater than another…but even the smallest of things is never small for a politician  or statesmen.


2 Responses to “Love Heals as Does Forgiveness”

  1. Michele Says:

    Thanks for such a beautiful reminder. With love, yes, all things are possible.

    So many people live their lives with regret and bitterness that they cannot focus on love and how it heals. Thanks for sharing.

    • petersammarco Says:

      Love is about caring and Knowing that we can make a difference in someone’s life, LONG TERM.

      Commitment to this requires and will need to be maintained through practice of these Principles: one,
      Love unconditionally.
      Know our Identity is not what we do, or what are names are ect.
      Love out of Respect towards oneSelf and Give from that place of Love.

      But most important is Love is earned through Trust, honesty and Respect of others.



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