“true friendships from the heart”

How do we distinguish between a friend and one who is not?

In my line of work, I know a friend is honest , while a client is not.

But this requires an understanding that friends do not lie, while clients will lie all the time until they are ready to confess the truth, without being condemned.  For myself, I REST well at night:  I do what I can to be open and honest with myself first.  A friend from the heart loves the parts in you that others hate. I experienced that again last night. Seeing old school mates for two birthdays…I recognize those who are truly friends and honor your spirit but always miss your physical presence as well. It is in finding friends who are committed to being loyal and respectful of you and your fantastic differences that one can say, “I am accepted for who I am.”  Truly, friends from the heart, make you feel that you belong; we all want to have friends who love us unconditionally.2-09-sunset


9 Responses to ““true friendships from the heart””

  1. Sheila Laureta Says:

    you are loved unconditionally, I appriciate our friendship

    • petersammarco Says:

      Thank you Sheila….you are a blessing to this world….Be True to your inner being and shower yourself with love and go through all the motions of throwing a few rocks into the ocean, river or stream or lake and let go of everything now. hugs your way…you are so beautiful…..

  2. Ruth Says:

    Thanks for sharing . . . I am again inspired by your way and power with words! When in WI . . . let me know and I will do my best to reciprocate the ‘grand tour’ and foot washing after the Mississippi River walk 😉

    • petersammarco Says:

      It is all within us to Love our friends Ruth….funny how sometimes we think about our Values and forget, what is important in our lives. But, by knowing that what we love is within ourselves we give from that place and we grow…. thank you you Ruth Love Peter….and Blessings your way. Feet washing sounds really good…..I still think that Obama needs that too. Thank you, Ruth love your visit. Great day to be out and enjoying ourselves. It is what we are thinking that Creates the manifestation of all our Beauty. Lots your way coming right now….even feet washing!

  3. robyn Says:

    you are a wonder.

  4. PETER Sammarco Says:

    THANK YOU ROBYN! SO ARE YOU Aloha PETER…heading to the beach now.

  5. Zay Says:

    Friends are family that we can choose… They enriched my life, like you do too .. I love them for who they are and for who i am when i be with them… sometimes, a friend from the heart doesn´t need to talk.. just with a glance says me everything.. family and friends give me happiness, stability and security.. All days are a magical day!!… I’m so blessed for have them and for know you too!… God bless you.. Love, Zay

  6. Peter sammarco Says:

    I am glad I can make a difference in your life. I know sometimes we have friends who understand us, while others may not be aware of what will bring them the partner of real friendship. Eh, Well, when, once in a far nowhere land…there was a woman in a white dress, visiting a mans office for help and love. She looked and and looked outside of herself to deal with all of her anger, but when she arrived into this mans office….and when she sat down….SHE actually felt like she had arrived somewhere full of peace. But the real reason she felt a sense of peace was she wanted to be there and followed through with her actions and listened to her intuition. Flowing with wanting and listening, she allowed her real Self to be there and in wanting she also did… very importantly, follow through, in congreuncy. Listening to your intution: that is our friend too! So listen Closely to your real inner Self and know you have all the answers awaiting within you while you experience living. We are equal to God. We are all in unison with one another….when we understand who we are….we are understanding our true nature. The essence of our being is to be loving one another after we gladly first be our own best friend, and love our own Genius within each one of us.
    I know when I meet someone, I feel inside, in my onw stomach and inner core and you also will feel that someone is your friend; and the one who loves you even when you make silly sometimes stupid mistakes…yet great friends see your loving personality beyond your lovely flaws. Be your own Best friend and know everyone around you is learning the same thing, only with different scenarios.
    The Key is To Forgive…and in doing so we heal. Look to my blog for more on energy and how are thoughts keep Creating our Destiny.

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