The Power of the Present Moment.

“Serenity comes in our willingness to grow in synergy with one another”

(pg.17: Peter Sammarco, The Power of the Present Moment.)

Funny  how this is, but so True: the more we are improving ourselves the more we find inner peace. The mastering of ourselves is obvious when we willingly look within ourselves every night. ( Just look to my book, The Five Pillars of Relationships for more details: ).  We can get a lot of answers to what we are wanting when we ask at night; and this is how our habitual inner mind really works.02-06-07_1934

Ask in the evening and receive answers that very night or next day for sure.

The  asking is essential and the more we ask, the more we receive. BUT this shall not come without a FIGHT! So many will try to bring you down, and play silly games with you in order to break your spirit.  These are just people trying to BLOW out the Candle out of the eager optimist. (More details in my new book to be released next year: Reclaiming the Soul.)

Where we prevail to give only peace in the direction of others jealousy or hatred, we will begin to see how WE change others by successful changing ourselves. The point here is: to really change the world, it is best we do not try to change the world, but really do the world and yourself a favor: don’t change ANYONE, instead Just Change YourSelf.  We all grow and learn everyday; I know that my opinion tonight will change in the morning because I will receive valuable jewels throughout the night that will change my opinion in the morning. So then we see and become aware that we all are changing every moment. This is, The Power of the Present Moment. Read the book and you will fine out more, and learn how “Thought is Energy” and how important it is to be PRESENT in all of our activities.

Bidding you a good night and good morning depending where you may be now.



1:26 A.M. August 27th 2009

Vancouver, BC Canada


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