Being Happy, by “Making others happy”.

X P1010984 P+MI remember my first several book signings and seminars at the major books stores across Canada.  It was a delightful time in my life. I must say I did it with the help of GOOD FRIENDS.  I remember my dear friend Kinoe helping me all of the time, every step of the way.  Also the new friends that arrived to help me succeed in doing what was needed to make it work, like Sheila, who wanted my help and thus we helped each other. Also Steven-san as we call one another by our Japanese respected names was vital to driving me around downtown Toronto. Actually the first Time I arrived in Toronto he gave me a compass and dropped me off at the Writers convention happening in September of that year. I think he even gave me some fruit; grapes actually and dropped me off. Another time he left me at the Subway right after my arrival. He even drove me to the airport when I did my first Big Seminar in the United States in the state of OHIO. That was fun. Now I hope your laughing for I am sharing this to make you laugh and also to remind all writers of this world:

If you want to accomplish anything, you need to be having fun. And being happy is about making others “Happy”. And on my first book signing I knew I was happy, because I was making others happy too. 3:51 am Aug.26th 2009


One Response to “Being Happy, by “Making others happy”.”

  1. Wayne Says:

    And your next book on the myths around aging will do well.

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