TIME to move forward EVERYDAY

Time to tour again soon!

Time to tour again soon!



One Response to “TIME to move forward EVERYDAY”

  1. Michele Says:

    Thank you for teaching me it is time to move forward everyday. Many of us face adverse conditions and I see fragility in all of us, but also limitless potential. I have learned thru you that it depends on us for the chance to develop our talents and gifts and be true to our selves and to be true to our value to be free in life and at peace.

    The most important insight learned thru your teaching is that mistakes will be made but you need to make the decision to press on and live in the present moment and leave the past behind . You need to learn to trust yourself and your inner voice above all else.

    Practice the power of one- one phone call, one volunteer, one dollar. One person can make a difference, and you my friend, are that one person. God Bless


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