What makes a GOOD friend?

What makes a GOOD friend?

Do friends bring out the best in you?

What helps us better define a real friend? How can we believe in ourselves and have the self confidence to be ourselves, before we build relationships with others? And, most importantly, what is the modality we will use to bring thoughts to us that are of peace and which will also enhance the relationships that fulfill our lives and therefore bring us the most amount of joy? Do we realize how relationships are enhanced by asking the Universal Will to guide our every step of the way? As for myself, my Father and Mother God are a vital part of my life and are the building blocks to my existence.

© 2008, Peter Sammarco


7 Responses to “What makes a GOOD friend?”

  1. John vSt Says:

    You have shown so many people the understanding of the Self.
    thank you for sharing your message today.

  2. Amber Crossen Says:

    I like the first collum about what a real friend is. my mom and me have a talk about it every week about who a real friend is and who should be . I have 4 great friends and my mom says that i have made a good choice this year. well nice talking better go i’ll be shure to right back soon or if you have face book mabe you can give me it so we can keep in touch okay sounds good mabe right me back an e-mail okay hahaha bye


  3. Peter Sammarco Says:

    Amber you Mother is wanting to Teach you what is a real Friend and as we Know what those wonderful qualities are….Thank you fro Writing here Amber

    much love Peter

  4. Stevie Curry Says:

    I love hearing your insights on relationships and reading your books on the same. Its so special in my life to be true to myself and those around me. Life is so short not to look for the peace and love around us. Keep writing and sharing. You truly are a joy to know! Stevie xoxoxo

  5. Laura & Tom Says:

    What a amazing u tube we saw of you Peter Sammarco and your lastest events:

    We can see how others have used your work and made it possible to Elevate their success as well from reading and listening to your Valuable messages.

    We know you have helped many of our dearest and newest STARS in Politics: We pray they recognize your contribution to society, in some monetary reward for your efforts. What a GREAT honor to see politicians using your words in speaches. Thank you for making life what it can be: and being the Change you want to see in the World. God BLess you Peter.

    Friends are those you know will stand by you and will realize your Greatest need to “Self Create” an inner knowing that you have taught so well here. Tom, my husband, and myself love one another more now because we have realized through your works and seminars that “we are one” and that only Love heals all of our concerns; and we thank you for making this possible.

    You live this stuff and we admire and respect you dearly for sharing your vital message of love, compassion and inner peace through your actions. Keep it Growing!!! You’re a great man of inner peace and forgivness. Your Patiences with us has help us to see how important it is to be friends and as you say, “forgive and put the past behind you” and to NEVER bring it back up again. you have shared that many situations are just like stones in the ocean to “Let them go, like a stone in the ocean” Learn and release. We have.

    Thankfully Laura & Tom

  6. Michele and Arron Says:

    Amazing Seminar this weekend: thank you! you have given us tools to improve our relationship with one another by being empathic or having empathy as you say even if we do not understand what is going on.

    You have shown us ways to share one anothers anger by lovingly releasing emotions just by being there to listen and staying focused all the time on what we are wanting. It really is the greatest seminar we have ever attended on what it means to be friends in a steady relationship, such as ours where at times, has its moments. We get it, because you taught us well Peter! You are right about “appreciating those differences and seeing the commonalities that exists” in each other. And by sharing our different views, worries, fears and grounding ourselves, before talking and not getting too controlling as we have in the past. You have shown us it is okay to put a microscope over our actions with love. From there we tackle things head on with emapathy. Have a great morning Peter!

    Again many thanks for listening to us and being able to vent afterwards at your seminar.
    We love our signed books.

  7. Joe Says:

    GET a possible Pilot Project going Peter! you have a Great message to share to the world on television. Asking or Know who to ask to help you is crucial. Enjoyed your talk on friendships and how to deal with anger correctly. Someone has to sign a deal with you soon.

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