Reclaiming the Soul

“Experiences are helpful where we have direct congruent connection of the mind, body and soul. As we allow these experiences to come towards us, we allow ourselves direct experience in all ways and at all times.

Experiences create Love – but our own protection of the Unknown Knowledge is fear-based and ignorance (at best).

Such challenges as these will lead to experiences that might bring more pain in one’s life/lives rather than happiness and peace.

Thus, it is important to remember how we wish to choose/live our lives and how we choose our destination, and with what modality will we enhance our lives?

Can we make choices that are enhancing our experiences and improving our lives?

Are we willing to look beyond our own knowledge and our status quo beyond our normal comfort zones?

We will transcend these experiences once we have decided to master our experiences in levels of satisfaction that we thought were more than perfect, but yet have only begun the infinite journey of evolving our soul.

Truth will be revealed through Love. Thus, let us all be willing to create and imagine what it means to go beyond survival, and embrace together what we are all willing to do today – right now.  Embrace the importance of balance through Reclaiming the Soul.

By Peter Sammarco © 2008  Peter Sammarco


9 Responses to “Reclaiming the Soul”

  1. Peter Sammarco Says:

    Please enjoy this Moment with an inner Action of Joy, Peace and Clarity~
    This is the time to Enjoy your Friends and Family with honor, respect and a Deeper understanding of Love and yourSelf.
    Actions will lead to Love, where there is a deeper meaning of Truth and our inner Understandings of ourSelves.
    Thank you and Enjoy the Viewing~
    (Copyright, 2008 Peter Sammarco)

  2. Ann M. Says:

    Dear Peter,

    Thank you for such an eloquent message!
    Personally, you have helped me to begin to understand and be aware of mySelf and to Love and be Grateful and Thankful for every experience I encounter.
    Most of all. you have helped me to realize that I need to Live in the Present Moment with Gratitude and Love and to let go of the past and not to worry about tomorow….I have come to know this and live this since You came into my life…and I thank you!
    I have only just begun and I am so looking forward in my journey to reclaim my soul!!

    God Bless,


  3. Isabella Says:

    You have elevated my Soul, that’s for sure.

    Thank you!

    Regarding your thoughts:

    I have heard you say that, “elements in life must first be observed. And by noticing you first eliminate past elements, by pruning those trees in your own garden. Though they are bare”, you said, “this allows us to look at the garden empty yet now there is room for new thoughts and ideas.”

    Thank you again for sharing this to our Group. We all appreciate your approach immensely!!

    Very empowering and it encompasses the business model that we are looking to create in this company and we will be more likely sharing your ideas to our shareholders as well. They all need to see you live!

  4. John~ Says:

    You really care about others…..thank you Peter….your kindness and Loyalty and care again and again are Great. you have been there for others when no one else will and stay until they get it…incredible

  5. Sheila Laureta Says:

    Peter I am really enjoying the blog. Thankyou for your pearls of wisdom. Most inspriational. Much love Sheila

  6. Peter sammarco Says:

    Thank you Sheila,

    Glad you are enjoy it….funny how this one is the one a friend suggested was a bit wordy and I agree nontheless it has been published and big hugs….

    Aloha PETER
    Ps love is Freedom. Something that GOVERNMENTS around the word NEED to learn.

  7. Peter sammarco Says:

    RECLAIMING our soul includes Loving our plans and place in the Human race. WE are equal yet so many of us find ways to seperate each other with lies, with fame, the use if we can say it of peoples power and control and proving nothing; but how is this effecting us? It is not. Pay no attention to that this or what and who…but listen to your own Soul in you; allow only what is pure all around you to flow through you and exctingly enough that is what will show up.

    Love and smiles


  8. Julie Says:

    Dear Peter,

    you have “Created” a master piece of great works.
    You have the knack to change lives by jusy being you.
    You seem to share and love so openly and yet you are still so kind and loving to your friends and family and others around you. You are truly amazing peter thank you for sharing in my blog as well.

  9. PETER Sammarco Says:

    Keep Moving Forward and KNOWING that all things are POSSIBLE when we TAKE Back our power….Love and Blessings PETER

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