Welcome to Peter’s Blog

Welcome to the official Weblog of Peter Sammarco. On the right column of this page you can find a few sub-pages that give you an overview of what I do. You can search this blog with the new search feature in the top right corner of the page. For more information visit my main page.


9 Responses to “Welcome to Peter’s Blog”

  1. Barb Says:

    Thank you for who you are & what you do……………

  2. Peter Sammarco Says:

    Hi Barb:

    Keep Following your Heart and KNOW that Love heals all wounds. When we Keep our mind and heart aligned and listen we Know what success is really all about and we begin to Know its within us all and we need only look within to see what all of life is about: from that place we also experience only what we already see inside of ourselves. You are a beautiful Soul: listening is a secret key to all of the answers we are looking for. We can discuss this later. but look out for our new book and PETER in a box which will include 2 new DVD’s; Cd’s and module for Personal easy use. I know it will help you.

    your friend and pal always

    Much Love and Laughter your way,

    (To call Peter appointment Please do so through his website: all books are also signed at major bookstores across canada or his personal website is best) THANK YOU and Aloha

  3. melinda Says:

    Your enthusiam and intense way to talk about what the soul needs…happiness– is enlightening and inviting…!

    • petersammarco Says:

      Thank you Melinda,

      A real honor to hear this from you.

      Much Love and Blessings and big kisses your way,



  4. Tami Dixon Says:

    Wow Peter,
    You always seem to be there & send me to the right answers when I need extra strength & guidance. Thank you for being not just my angel but for also being such a wonderful man, brother, son, & friend! God Bless XOXO Tami

  5. Sandy from Maui Says:

    Aloha Peter

    You have a very spiritual website .. enjoyed reading some of your articles .. thanks for sharing it!!

    Blessings & Aloha Peter,

    Sandy 😉

    • petersammarco Says:

      Many Blessings back to you Sandy….Know you are loved and that even those who have gone are with us in so many other exciting ways. Aloha from Vancouver, BC love and smiles PETER

  6. Joi Mejia Says:

    Hi Peter,
    So much good stuff in here. Nice work, inspiration, happiness within your words. The Universe continues to flow through you as you remain open in body, mind and spirit. I love you. Hugs.


  7. petersammarco Says:

    Thank you Joi….Your family is listening and I love you too! BIG hugs to DANIEL and all of the GREAT big shots in your family…like you JOI….enjoy in JOI! love PETER

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